15 Tips for an Outstanding
Interview Lesson

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How to Prepare: 

I'll share specific and strategic action steps you can take before you teach your lesson to ensure that everything goes smoothly (including questions you should ask the school before your lesson)!

I'll give you clear guidance and tips for how to start your lesson, what to do during your lesson to ensure student engagement, and how to close your lesson in a memorable way.

How to Build Up Your Confidence:

Feeling confident as you go into your interview lesson can be the determining factor in your success. I'll share practical, easy ways to build your confidence before you step in front of the class so you can relax and ENJOY the experience!

Proven Management Strategies:

One of the most challenging parts of a teacher interview lesson is that you haven't developed a relationship with the kids yet. I'll give you simple, classroom-tested strategies to get the students on your side from the start so you can easily manage kiddos who you've just met.

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Hey there, I'm Lori

I've helped thousands of new teachers land their dream job, set up and streamline their classrooms, and become the teacher they've always dreamed of being. When I'm not writing, creating curriculum, or recording a podcast, you can usually find me on a beach or planning my next adventure. Although I'm from Canada originally, I am a tropical island girl at heart!

I still remember what it felt like to walk down the hall, keys to my first classroom in hand, a messy mix of butterflies and overwhelm in my stomach as I thought about how I would set up my first classroom. I aced my student teaching, but it still took me three years to feel like I had a handle on my classroom management.

I taught for 10 years before transitioning to teaching at the university and supporting other new teachers across the country. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that now, I can shorten the learning curve for you so you don't have to struggle the way I did during my first few years.

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