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INTERVIEW RESOURCE LIBRARY: Prepare for Elementary Teaching Interviews with Confidence

Walk into your interviews as confident as a toddler in an Elsa costume at the grocery store!

Resources included in this offer:

🍏 Complete Interview Guide for Elementary Teachers, including:

  • What to do the week before your interview.
  • What to include in your teaching portfolio.
  • What the most challenging interview questions are.
  • What to ask the school.
  • What to do on the day of & following the interview to stand out.

🍏 Top 10 Podcast Playlist for Teachers on the Job Search

🍏 24 Interview Prep Cards

🍏 Top 15 Tips for an Outstanding Interview Lesson

🍏 20 Self-Confidence Boosters (Affirmations for Teachers) PDF and 2-part audio

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What People Are Saying:

Your interview guide is fantastic! It got me through two interviews for my current job, and I would highly recommend teachers get a copy. In my interview I was asked about the science of reading, why I chose this district, what I felt my greatest weaknesses are, my toughest behavioral issue, and how I communicate with parents. So helpful!

TaiLi Matheny

I've been working on my portfolio to prepare for my interview next week. Your ideas and tips have helped me tremendously!

Rebecca Coleman

This seriously has been life-changing! I can't thank you enough!! I've been asked, "How did you do it with just 2 interviews?" And I always tell them that a great deal of my dream has come true because of you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I seriously did land my dream teaching job on my first try! I still can't believe it!

Danielle Masse