Out-of-Control, Chatty Class
Rescue Bundle

If your students are super chatty, if they never stop talking and blurting, or if you have students who are difficult and disrespectful... learn why this is happening in your classroom and what you can do tomorrow to change it.

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In less than 2 hours, you will learn:

  • why children are interrupting you, ignoring you, or erupting into a rage when they don't get what they want in your classroom.
  • what to do tomorrow to transform the way your classroom runs in 4 clear steps.
  • how to teach healthy emotion management with kids.
  • how to hold students accountable for their actions.
  • how to trouble-shoot and turn things around with a super chatty class.
  • how to build confidence in kids and create a positive classroom community.

The tools you need to turn things around in your classroom today.

"So there's this boy in my class..spent a lot of time in ISS last year. At open house he said he hated every subject except PE and lunch. He seemed so bummed out the first day of school (when everyone else was so excited), so I went out of my way and really created a connection with him the first week of school and omg... I love this kid to death and he will do anything I ask him to. 
He had some issues being mean and fighting with other kids. I talked to him about it and he has worked so hard to be nice to the ones he was mean to. There's so many examples I can't even go into all of them. The principal and multiple teachers have told me what a difference they see in him. Anyway, I literally almost cry everytime I talk about him to anybody because I know he has a horrible time at home and he has had his first good year at school with me.
So, anyway, no matter how hard or crazy or pointless the rest of this year is..I feel like what's going on with him makes it all worth it. I just want to say thank you for giving me the tools to build that relationship and really feel like I can make a difference in the world."

What's Included:

Here's what you get when you purchase the Out-of-Control, Chatty Class Bundle today:

10 Ways to Turn Things Around with an Out-of-Control, Chatty Class

Get a one-hour video training and PDF workbook of 10 practical strategies that worked in my classroom over 10 years of teaching elementary to turn things around in your classroom.

Includes a one-hour PD certificate upon completion of the video training.

4 Steps to Managing Disrespectful and Difficult Students

In this 4-part audio series and PDF guide, learn why this is happening inside your classroom and what you can do tomorrow to change it.

Don't Wait Another Day

You are less than 2 hours away from learning how to manage challenging & chatty students in your classroom.

Yup, I absolutely need this Rescue Bundle right now!

We weren't trained for this.

If you're reading this, you've probably already tried a lot of different strategies to work with disrespectful kids in your classroom.

But here's the problem. We were trained as teachers - not as social workers or therapists. We have never been taught the skills we need to deal with some of the very challenging behaviors we are seeing in classrooms. If you're anything like I was when I first started teaching, I felt completely unequipped to manage these kids. 

It isn't your fault if you're struggling. It wasn't until I hit rock bottom (and had to call the cops) because one of my students literally threw his desk across the room that I finally got the help I needed to understand how to work with these students.

After that event (and numerous visits from our school counselor) to understand what had led up to that moment, I finally was able to put a system in place to create a healthier, safer environment for my students. 

A space where both me and my students were finally able to thrive. To feel safe, accepted, and heard. Where I finally understood how to teach healthy emotion management to my students, and how to hold my students accountable for their actions while also building their confidence. 

And now, I'm thrilled to pass this information on to you so that you, too can take the steps you need to create a healthy, balanced, and enjoyable space for learning for your students, and so you can stop going home crying every night because you just don't know what to do to turn it all around. 

Let's turn this around.

Don't waste another moment feeling like you don't know what to do to end the negative spiral in your classroom.

Get the Out-of-Control, Chatty Class Rescue Bundle Now for $17.00

5 Audio Downloads

Listen at the gym, in your car, or washing dishes tonight & learn what you need to implement tomorrow.

PDF Guide

Grab & go, step-by-step guide to print and implement in your classroom right away.

One-Hour Video Training

Learn exactly what you need to do right away to trouble-shoot your chatty class - and get a one-hour PD certificate.


Craft your step-by-step plan of strategies you will implement in your classroom right away to create calm and order.