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The Magic of Five-Minute Field Trips

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Episode Show Notes:

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you had a chance to check out Episode #2 where I shared with you the Five Minute Field Trip for Teachers because today, we are going to talk about The Magic of Five-Minute Field Trips for Students - and I guarantee that your students are going to LOVE this!

If you’ve tried the Five Minute Field Trip yourself, I'm sure you can already see and feel the benefits - but when you do something similar with your students, the results can be amazing. 

Why would you use Five Minute Field Trips with your students?

  • They can be used as a simple "decompress and reduce the stress" technique that you can use ANYTIME and ANYWHERE your students need a little break or need to calm their energy.
  • You don't need the internet or photocopies for this so you don't have to worry about any tech glitches. 
  • It doesn't cost a thing because you don’t actually leave the room – kind of like reading a book - but can be even better because you're harnessing the power of your students' imaginations and stories.
  • You can use this technique as a reward for your students OR if you simply need to re-focus the energy in your classroom in a positive way.
  • Five Minute Field Trips can serve as fantastic transitions between classes.
  • Finally, these can be a springboard for some AMAZING writing projects!

Be sure to download the Five Minute Field Trip Freebie template by clicking the image below!

Phase #1: What is a five-minute field trip and how does it work? 

  1. First, decide where you’d like to take your students. It's great if you can take them somewhere they've never been so you can open their eyes to new experiences.
  2. Try to weave a story into the experience for them (I'll show you how to do that).
  3. Have your students sit in a circle (they can even lie down if you have the space), and close their eyes.
  4. Take them away on an imaginary adventure using the 5 senses as your guide. I've given you an outline that you can sketch out before-hand if you want, or you can just make it up as you go. 

After their little adventure, talk about what your students experienced.
Would they ever like to go to a place like that someday?

My students LOVE to hear about all of the places I’ve traveled – but other experiences they enjoy are when I take them on five-minute field trips to my favorite places – back to a moment on my favorite holiday ever, a tour of my childhood home, the time when I went skiing and ran into a tree – whatever. I've included a BUNCH of ideas to help you get inspired in the Five Minute Field Trip Freebie!

Phase #2: Co-Create Stories

After you’ve done a few Five Minute Field Trips with your students over a few weeks, brainstorm other places they would LOVE to go on mini-field trips so the class can vote on where they would like to go next.

Over time, you can start inviting your students to participate with you in co-creating the field trips. If your students are already used to sitting in a circle when you do five-minute field trips, I invite them to raise their hand if they have something to contribute. When they feel me touch them on the shoulder, it's their turn to talk and share in our adventure with the class. SO much fun! 

Phase #3: Students as Creators

Finally, have the children think of their OWN five-minute field trip they would love to take the class on – or work in small groups or in pairs. Again, I've included a  “5 senses” template I created for you as part of your freebie that you can use with your students.

Invite your students to practice on each other to get feedback as they tell their stories.

Finally, they can write out their stories as a writing project – and volunteers can share with the class!

Comment and Subscribe

I can't wait to hear about where you and your students went on your Five Minute Field Trips this week - please share your stories in the comments so we can get inspired by each others' ideas :-) 

And finally, be sure to subscribe to Beginning Teacher Talk so you never miss an episode. Again, although I call this Beginning Teacher Talk, my goal is to have all of the very best veteran teachers come to you and ask “where did you get THAT idea from?” Just because you’re a beginning teacher, there’s no reason you have to struggle like one.

I hope you have a FABULOUS week.

With love,

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