Hey there! I'm Lori.

Our vision is to inspire and empower beginning elementary teachers so you can become the teacher you've always dreamed of being. 

Hey there! I'm Lori.

Our vision is to inspire and empower beginning elementary teachers so you can become the teacher you've always dreamed of being. 


Why do we exist? 

To provide the most heart-centered, innovative, and easily implemented programs and resources so that every beginning teacher on the planet can become the life-changing force their students will never forget.

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Our Core Values

Kindness and Compassion

For each other and for all life on our planet.

We believe that kindness and compassion are at the heart of classroom communities, and that the relationships children develop in their early years of school can become the model for how children move through life in all relationships they have with the world around them.

This means helping children to develop, from an early age, a deep awareness of and responsibility for how their thoughts and actions impact not only their immediate relationships, but by extension, the larger world around them, including compassion for the animals that share their homes and the planet.


Heart-Centered Resources

For every classroom.

We believe that caring for children’s hearts is at the core of what we do as educators.

To us, “heart-centered” means creating resources, tools, and strategies that emphasize and teach care for the child behind the behavior, that invite children closer when they push us away, and that allow our classrooms to become the soft place to fall in an often hard world.


Innovative Strategies for Learning

For teachers and for their students.

Because our primary motivation is ultimate student engagement in and a lifelong passion for learning, we believe that the most obvious pathway to learning is not always the best one.

Teaching children best means embodying a child-like, playful spirit, thinking outside the box, and offering creative alternatives to what is expected.

Developing clear and consistent rules and routines creates freedom within boundaries and invites unlimited possibilities within otherwise confining classroom walls.


Research-Based Curriculum that Lights Kids Up

All resources we create must pass our two-question test:

  1. Is there a track record of success for this method or approach?
  2. Does it light kids up? This means that the only curriculum that gets into your hands has been tested with students and the result is ultimate student engagement (and students begging for more). 😊

Become Part of the Movement

I taught elementary school for nearly 10 years, and it was a rollercoaster journey towards mastering my craft (and that's putting it mildly)! I believe that just because you're a beginning elementary teacher, there is no need for you to struggle like one. I'm committed to ensuring your success. 💕

Your decision to get involved in our online community marks your commitment to getting the help and support you need to become the teacher you've always dreamed of being (while learning to relax and actually have fun on that rollercoaster in all its highs and lows).

Inside the Beginning Teacher Talk podcast, you will find all of the down-to-earth, kid-tested, and super fun ideas you need to start feeling confident now - all completely for free. 

I release fresh, new content every week.  Just click on a topic below that interests you to get started now!

💛 Lori

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