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Develop Your Bag of Classroom Management Tricks

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Show Notes:

I've been in this education game for more than two decades and I still remember my first few years of teaching as clear as day because my classroom management completely infuriated me.

I would think that I had everything all figured out with one class of students, but then it was so frustrating when what I thought would work every single time didn't work with some children or with some classes of students.

So, I'm going to share with you today some of my favorite strategies that worked with almost every child, almost every time. I believe in sharing actionable content, so you'll be able to take a lot of the ideas that I'm going to share with you today and weave them into your own teaching tomorrow. 

One thing that we often aren't taught in university is that there is there are many different classroom management styles, and there are many different ways to adapt different tools and strategies so that they work for you and for your specific teaching context.

And here's the thing: what works for one teacher in one classroom context may not work well for you.

But here's what I can promise you: once you do figure out your own bag of tricks, the magic starts to happen because you get an intuitive sense of what is going to work with each child and when you're faced with teaching different grade levels each year.

It's like magic when this all comes together, and it's so much fun once you start figuring it out.

So I want to encourage you – if you really struggle with classroom management (like millions of other new teachers), you really do have something to look forward to.

It does get easier, and it actually becomes FUN to manage a classroom over time because you start to have more confidence in yourself.

Over time, you will begin to know before you even use a strategy what is likely going to happen. You will become better at predicting what your students are going to do and you will know the types of challenges you're going to have before they even happen.

So, today I'm going to show you to how to start developing your bag of tricks, and how to intentionally and strategically start testing classroom management strategies so that you can figure out what really works for you.

Inside this episode, you will learn:

  • What I recommend you do right away to start strategically testing which classroom management strategies actually work inside your classroom.

  • How to think about classroom management in terms of daily, weekly, and monthly challenges.

  • Why I recommend implementing a variety of different student groupings to test classroom management strategies.

  • How jokes, Mystery Motivators, Special Person Awards, and treasure chests work in harmony within a larger classroom management plan.

  • How to use seasons and a dash of creativity to amp up your student engagement and buy-in with classroom management strategies throughout the year.

  • Why no classroom management strategy will work in a classroom without these two key ingredients. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and that you take away some actionable strategies you can use inside your own classroom right away. Check out the links below for more information about specific resources I mention inside this episode, and be sure to come join our community inside my private Beginning Teacher Talk Facebook Group!

And remember - until next week, just because you're a beginning elementary teacher, there's no need for you to struggle like one. 

πŸ’› Lori

Dr. Lori Friesen | Beginning Teacher Mentor

Creator of the R.E.A.D.Y. for School Academy, Dr. Lori Friesen has mentored thousands of beginning teachers across the country through her workshops and courses. Host of the popular podcast, Beginning Teacher Talk, and creator of the innovative literacy program for 1st and 2nd grade, Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed, Dr. Lori is dedicated to serving educators and inspiring learners. Learn more at and at


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Links and resources mentioned inside this episode:

January Jokes Morning Work (Daily Class Rewards)

January Imagination Station (Daily or Weekly Class Reward)

Hot Chocolate Motivators (Weekly Whole Class or Small Group Challenge)

Class Auctions (Once or Twice/Year Class Reward)

Start of the Year Mystery Motivator


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