Wondering what the difference is between R.E.A.DY. for School Academy and The Classroom Management Club?
Let's dive in and talk about which option is right for you in your teaching journey!
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Start the Year Strong with the Academy

R.E.A.D.Y. for School Academy is a 5-module course designed to set you up for success from the beginning of the school year.
Inside the Academy, you'll learn how to:

✅ Set up and organize your classroom

✅ Design a clear, customized classroom management plan that works

✅ Create your teacher planner and student data binder 

✅ Plan your first week of school

✅ Implement systems for success with parents & plan Meet the Teacher Night


The Academy is perfect for:

⭐️ Student teachers in their last year of their degree who want to interview strong and hit the ground running the moment they're hired.

⭐️ New Kinder - 5th grade teachers (or 6th grade teachers if they're teaching in an elementary school, not middle school), who've just been hired and need to set up their classroom.

⭐️ Teachers who have a few years of experience but want a more streamlined way to prepare for the year and run their classroom.

⭐️ Experienced teachers who feel like they're starting over because they're changing grades, are new to elementary, or are starting fresh at a new school or district.

Kristin LaRue

"You are hands down the most amazing "professor" I have ever had! I wish there were professors like you at my University. I have learned more now than I have the past 4 years in college, and I am not even close to finishing the academy! I love you! and I don't even know you personally!"

Stay Inspired & Confident with the Club

The Classroom Management Club is an annual membership designed to help you manage your classroom throughout the school year.
Inside the Club, you'll learn how to:

✅ Integrate social and emotional learning into your classroom

✅ Prevent and manage extreme behaviors

✅ Streamline your planning and classroom systems

✅ Incorporate new classroom management resources each month

✅ Manage any situation that comes up in your classroom


The Club is perfect for:

⭐️ Teachers who have graduated from R.E.A.D.Y for School Academy and want support throughout the year.

⭐️ Teachers who are subbing and want access to resources and support to carry with them into any classroom and at any grade level (K-5) throughout the year.

⭐️ Teachers who have been teaching for a few years but need strategic help to prevent and manage challenging, defiant behaviors. 

⭐️ Teachers who want the tools and resources to deepen student relationships and earn the respect of parents.

⭐️ Teachers who want to streamline their planning and grading practices so they can save time and get their weekends back.

⭐️ Teachers who want to finally get the tools and resources they need and that work with today's kids so they can stop worrying and instead sleep peacefully at night, knowing they have a plan.


"I was feeling really hopeless about teaching. I was ready to quit and this Club gave me hope. I want to be the best teacher I can be, but I also want to have time for my family and my life. With the Classroom Management Club hacks things are easier, it has really brought back my love of teaching. It means the world to me that I once again love my job.”

The Academy & The Club:

A Side-by-Side Comparison

R.E.A.D.Y. for School Academy

Step #1

Start the Year Strong

  • Set up, decorate, & organize your classroom
  • Design a strong classroom management plan
  • Create your teacher planning binder 
  • Create your student data binder
  • Plan your first week of school & establish a community
  • Establish relationships with parents
  • Organize a successful Meet the Teacher Night

Lifetime access to course & materials.

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Classroom Management Club

Step #2

Support Throughout the Year

  • Trouble-shoot problem areas in your classroom
  • Master implementing your CM plan throughout the year
  • Streamline your planning within contracted hours
  • Simplify your grading
  • Deepen student relationships & prevent challenging behaviors
  • Manage relationships with parents
  • Simplify and streamline report cards & conferences

Access for as long as you're a member.

Learn More & Join at the Free Class

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Help & Support for New Teachers

The Beginning Teacher Talk podcast has everything you need to help you manage your classroom.